This publication covers basic legal principles and issues.

This publication covers basic legal principles and issues, supporting new practitioners and experienced lawyers entering their first years of the health office. It will be useful to teachers of health care law in search of a comprehensive text for students and for users of any law library in search of answers to the Health Law Resource Shelf.

Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer PA,. Susan O. Scheutzow, Southwest General Health Center,. Daniel J. Schwartz, Greensfelder Hermker & Gale PC,. And Elizabeth T. Nelson Mullins. Riley & Scarborough LLP.

The latest issue has a number of issues from fraud and abuse, Medicare, hospitals, physician representation, Providers of home care services and long-term care, tax-exempt issues, antitrust, insurance and much more. The publication also includes an invaluable glossary table of acronyms and abbreviations as well as a companion CD-ROM..This and other information on the Country children and adolescents are described above to content of the report areas of:.

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