Time trends are for 14 European countries from 1995 to 2003 are available.

Responses to the answers to the European Community Household Panel question Are you hampered in your daily activities by any physical or mental problems, illness or disability? moderate or moderate or ‘severe’ as the deactivated. Based on this measure different HLY in European countries. Even among countries with similar annual growth rates in life expectancy show some countries a rise , others stagnation versus years spent disability-free at the age of 65 years and above. Inequalities in HLY are even larger if all 25 countries of the EU are considered.. The European Health Expectancy Monitoring Unit is developing a common indicator of disability named life expectancy healthy life years .

Data from more than 30 developed countries shows that in 1950 , the probability of survival at age 80 years to 90 years was 15-16 percent for women and 12 percent of men on average. Because the mortality rate of children and young adults are very small rising life expectancy will rising life expectancy is achieved by further improvements in the oldest age groups. The authors use Germany as a case study and show how in 2050, the German population will be substantially older and smaller than it is now. This prediction is typical of other industrial countries.. In this way, in angiography, New Imaging Software from Siemens for minimally invasive heart valve implantationAt the congress of the European Societey of Cardiology 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Siemens presents a new image-processing software that helps cardiologists and cardiac surgeons prepare and perform transcatheter aortic valve implantation : syngo aortic Valve Guide automatically reconstructs a 3D representation of the aortic root from CT-like cross-sectional images acquired with the angiography system.A nasal is now approved in the U.S. For use as a vaccine against influenza A and B at healthy 5 to 49 year olds merely.

MedImmune Inc has purchased about through AstraZeneca Plc.Flu is a contagious respiratory illness by various strains by various strains influenza virus. The illness can be mild or severe, and sometimes ends in died. According to the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention , the best safeguard against flu is the annual immunization.

The CDC statistics indicate that every year on average in the U.S. , 5 to 20 % of the population receive the influenza, more than 200,000 of them are are treated in hospital, and about 36,000 die from it. That man the highest risk from complication are elderly people and to very boy and people Americanch him.