To be published in the September issue of the journal Pain.

This study of 396 adults with chronic back pain found that people that have some lifetime adversity reported much less physical impairment, disability and large utilization of health care than those that got experienced either no adversity or a high degree of adversity, Seery clarifies. The data suggest that adversity-exposure also may protect against psychiatric disturbances that take place with CBP, Seery says, and extra analyses found no option explanations of our results. In addition to Seery, the considerable research team included Raphael J. Leo, MD, associate professor of clinical psychiatry, UB School of Biomedical and Medicine Sciences; E.Fresno-Visalia, Calif. Sacramento, Calif. Tucson, Ariz. Buffalo, N.Y. Providence, R.I. Seattle-Tacoma, Wash. Los Angeles *Aggregate data from November 2014 through February 2015 Methodology The Walgreens Flu Index is normally compiled using retail prescription data for antiviral medicines used to treat influenza across Walgreens locations nationwide. The info is analyzed at condition and geographic market amounts to measure absolute influence and incremental change of antiviral medications on a per store average basis, and does not include markets where Walgreens has less than 20 retail places.