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To develop ‘To better chocolate, you need the chemistry behind the fragrance and flavors need to know in cocoa and other ingredients, ‘said Schieberle. As a pioneer in uncovering the secrets Schieberle received the 2014 ACS Award for promoting the application of agricultural and food chemistry at the meeting. ‘The understanding with the flavors with the flavors in the raw cocoa bean, extend through all processing steps and continue as the consumer eats the chocolate.

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Veith Symposium of in Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland , sponsoredspring Pauline T.. VEITH SYMPOSIUM – New York, 19 to 23 NovemberNow at its fourth decade, provides VEITH SYMPOSIUM ON a vascular surgeon, radiologists, cardiologists and other vascular specialist with a unique and exciting formats to the latest information, news and the importance in treating of vascular diseases. Of the 5 – day event offers rapid-fire presentation by world famous vascular specialist with focus on the most recent advances, alternating approaches in the Pressing.