Today announced thenformation to people with cancer by Online Nursing ResourceEisai Inc.

Inc. Today announced thenformation to people with cancer by Online Nursing ResourceEisai Inc. Announced today the launch of the nside Patient Education Tool, an online program that provides patients and caregivers individualized information about living with cancer. NSider generated by Eisai and a team of oncology thorough in-depth professional, and for some, personal experience with cancer. Nurses can access the site to get information to assemble for their patients..

Help information and tools to educate patients about the side effects of cancer treatment, such as pursuing a downloadable resource for patients on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting and together with their cancer care team during office visits.. NSider not promote a particular brand or product. Instead, content on some of the most common cancers, including breast concentrating, prostate, lung, colon and melanoma. The Web-based program from any computer from any computer and is free to nurses, to register.

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