Totaling a lot more than $3 million.

A fifth grant is pending notification of the award. Following, for each of the four grants, will be the name of the principal investigator, name of the grant, period of time, total dollar quantity and kind of grant. Mashkoor Choudhry, PhD, Alcohol Intoxication and Postburn Intestinal Immunity, $2,309,873, five years, R01. Related StoriesBioreactor monitoring using mass spectrometry: an interview with Chuck DeCarlo John Callaci, PhD, Alcoholic beverages Results on SDF1-Mediated Stem Cell Homing Following Bone Fracture, $396,376, two years, R21. Gwendolyn Kartje, MD, PhD, The Effects of Binge Ethanol on Neuroinflammation/Functional Recovery after Traumatic Mind Injury, $330,750, 2 yrs, R21.Hong Kong has banned the feeding of pigeons and various other wild birds in response to the bird flu outbreak, in a move evidently intended to reduce the chances of birds gathering in housing estates and spreading the condition through droppings.

D., Thomas Pabst, M.D., Edo Vellenga, M.D., Wim van Putten, M.Sc., Harry C. Schouten, M.D., Carlos Graux, M.D., Augustin Ferrant, M.D., Pieter Sonneveld, M.D., Bart J. Biemond, M.D., Alois Gratwohl, M.D., Georgine E. De Greef, M.D., Leo F. Verdonck, M.D., Martijn R. Schaafsma, M.D., Michael Gregor, M.D., Matthias Theobald, M.D., Urs Schanz, M.D., Johan Maertens, M.D., and Gert J. Ossenkoppele, M.D.1 It was initially found in remission-induction therapy at a dose of 100 to 200 mg per square meter of body-surface area area.