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Treatments vary, and she said, an increasing number of patients are interested in pursuing alternative therapies before aggressive lines vitro fertilization vitro fertilization. Nevertheless, little research has been done on the benefits of a pre-pregnancy supplement to optimize fertility health. – ‘There are not a lot of work in this area, but it is a major,’she said. ‘Many women are interested in ways aside from aggressive infertility treatment. If we an effective way for patients less invasively, there is a big advantage treatment to treat. ‘ – The supplement she studied, marketed as ‘FertilityBlend ‘contains chasteberry , green tea and numerous vitamins and minerals.

The trial was sponsored by the Asian Cultural Teaching Foundation and Sunnyvale, ,ed, financed Daily Wellness Co. Manufactures the FertilityBlend. Westphal Stanford colleagues on the study was Mary Lake Polan, who serves on the advisory board of the Daily Wellness.

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