Which is so characteristic of RS.

However, the researchers traced the problem not to the cortex but to the breathing center in the medulla itself. The researchers isolated the breathing center from mutant mice and showed that the same erratic breathing, which is so characteristic of RS , was also expressed in the isolated brain, revealing the breathing center as the source of the problem.

It is a progressive disease that shows no mercy. .

While Ramirez ‘s team worked with the brain tissue, studied his colleagues in France the animal.Although they found the disturbance specifically in the medulla, many of those neurons project to other targets in the brain, which may explain why many other functions may be affected.the researchers found that the disturbance in the breathing rhythm of the tissue occurs early on, before the animal exhibits breathing problems to propose that the nervous system.Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School are a third gene are involved in in prostate cancer is expanding its seminal notice, released last October in Sci, the majority of prostate cancer provides execution malignancies inducing merger from genes solid tumor solid tumors. The new results will appear published in the April 1 issue of Cancer Research. Because prostate cancer is cancer of the epithelial cells organs, result explorer Arul Chinnaiyan and his colleagues think likely that the other likely that other gene re – transcription can be responsible for other cancer types epithelial tissue , including breast, colorectal and lung cancer.

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