WOMEN WITH aNGINA better candidates for angiogenic therapyA reported 8 propeciauk.org.

WOMEN WITH aNGINA better candidates for angiogenic therapyA reported 8.9 million people in the United States, including 4.6 million women living with chronic angina pectoris, the crippling chest pain, squeezing or pressure experienced by people with coronary heart disease propeciauk.org . However women with heart disease largely under-represented in cardiovascular clinical trials. A recent survey article by Matthew Watkins, professor of medicine at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, co-author indicates that experimental one treatment designed of blood vessels of blood vessels and improve cardiovascular blood flow in patients with angina pectoris can have a positive treatment effect in women than men opposite. -4. studies must 663 patients more than a hundred more than one hundred American, European and other international medical centers date. The experimental therapy under examination in the AGENT trials is Generx , a gene product in a new class of cardiovascular biologics when administered by intracoronary injection, promotes angiogenesis, process of process of growth blood vessels in the heart. For their 11th September 2006 Journal of American College of Cardiology article, Watkins and his colleagues analyzed pooled original data from the AGENT-3 and-4 trials for treatment effects in two sub-groups, gender, and elderly patients with severe angina pectoris be determined.

New findings on hormones and blood clot RISKIn early December 2007 Cushman presented preliminary data from two Women ‘s Health Initiative studies, the factors that judges give an increased risk of venous thromboembolism in postmenopausal hormone therapy. VTE refers to a blood clot forms in the veins. Usually in the legs These clots can be fatal if they veins veins to the lungs. According to the American Heart Association, occur more than 200,000 cases of VTE each year and 30 % of these people die within three days. It is known that postmenopausal hormone therapy can double the risk of developing VTE, and in recent years fallen hormone prescriptions, partly as a result. – ‘If these results are confirmed, some of these factors some of these factors could be women with decision-making over whether or taking taking estrogen or estrogen plus progestin for the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms, ‘said Cushman. ‘This is very important as stay hormones a very effective treatment for menopausal symptoms. ‘.

Vaccination new mothers and other relatives against influenza A before her newborn produced from hospital a cocooning effect who may hiding unsecured child from the flu, a virus which can be fatal infant, according to researchers at Duke Children’s Hospital.